About Bootsnake

When I was a kid I remember hearing the sound of cowboy boots walking on the wood floors of my family's 200 year old farmhouse. Both my mom and dad wore them on most occasions. Wore them to church, wore them to bust wood by our shed, even to my baseball games. I remember thinking to myself these are cool but didn't fully appreciate how a pair of cowboy boots made me feel. Fast forward to 2018 and it hit me "I need to get back into a pair of boots." So I got a pair. I immediately had that "boot confidence" but something didn't look right with my jeans. My boots were sticking out like a sore thumb under my slim cut jeans. I had a good friend at the time who was always wearings the coolest boots, but what made his look even cooler was he didn't have to wear baggy boot cut jeans. He would wear slim cut or fitted jeans and his boots didn't stick out on the sides. I had no idea how I would be able to wear them without looking like I had bricks on my ankles, so I asked for his secret. He showed me how to tie them down with old shoe laces, and this did the trick for about 3 years. But after countless nights stumbling around trying to untie the laces, I had enough. I noticed it started leaving marks on my boots so then and there I decided there needs to be a solution to this. If we're being open and honest, Bootsnake was born out of complete frustration. I wanted a simple and easy solution to getting rid of bulky boot lines and they needed to be easy to put on, take off, and not damage my boots. After a few trial and errors, the perfect straps were born. They made my boots feel more secure, the boots looked better even under bootcut jeans, and it was time to share with everyone else. The mission is simple. We want you to keep your favorite boots or pants and make that combo look and feel even better. Wrap, strap, and go.

Returns and Cancellations

Howdy, Partner.

ANY ORDERS THAT RECEIVE A SHIPMENT CONFIRMATION CANNOT BE CANCELED. Once you receive your order, you may contact us at contact@bootsnakes.com with RETURN and your order number in the subject line for our return address. Once your Bootsnakes are received and inspected you will receive a refund in 3-30 Days.


Bootsnake is not responsible for missing products due to incorrect address entry or theft, so please make sure we're sending them to the right place, partner. Once you receive your shipping confirmation, we cannot change the address and you will be required to reorder your product to the corrected address.

In the event that your Bootsnakes are sent back to us due to an insufficient address (Return To Sender) - We may be able to get them to you free of charge.


Some orders may experience delays longer than others. Sometimes it could be the weather, high order volume, traffic, hell.. even a cold. We understand as humans that it can be frustrating having to wait.. But we're human too and doing the best we can to get every order to you as fast as we can. Bootsnake is not responsible for carrier delays. Lets read that one more time. We also believe our products are worth the hard work and wait. We appreciate your patience, partner.